“One of the marvellous things about community is that it enables us to welcome and help people in a way we couldn’t as individuals.” Jean Vanier

Our ideas of community have been tested throughout 2020, with some people being more isolated than ever before. On the other hand, we have also witnessed brilliant displays of connectivity and people coming together to help others; whether that be through online means, protest or fundraising for important causes.

Connecting with others, and experiencing that sense of ‘community spirit’, is vitally important to our mental health and wellbeing. More than ever before, we have realised that we need allies, support and likeminded people to feel safe and well. At Fall Into Place, our ethos is rooted in community. We are passionate about helping people to grow confidence and wellbeing, and build closer relationships with others. 

What does community look like to you?

Community means different things to different people, and it comes in all different shapes and sizes.

Community could look quite traditional, like a your local area and neighbours. 

It might be found amongst the people you work with. After all, you spend a lot of time with your work colleagues, so getting on with them and feeling supported is important!

You might find it with the people who share the same interests or passions as you do. Online gaming, sports, trivia, the list goes on! 

Or, your sense of community could be amongst those with the same lived experience as you; perhaps those who might understand you best. 

There are no limits on community, or the form it may take! 

Community is not fixed. It can grow and change over time.

Whatever community looks like to you, I am sure you can agree that feeling connected and supported by like minded people who care about you is one of the fundamental elements to leading a fulfilling life. And it is something we all deserve to feel.  

Feeling part of something, and ‘finding your people’ is a great feeling. And life is about growth, so of course, the types of community we are involved in grow and change over time. But whatever changes you go through, the need for community is always important. 

Getting connected and finding your people 

Our first love will always be drama. It is a wonderful way to bring people together in a fun and creative way. But if that isn’t your thing, there are plenty of ways that you can put yourself out there and ‘find your people’.

Here are some of our suggestions for seeking out different communities: 

  • Introduce yourself to your neighbours 
  • Join a sports team or local group 
  • Join interest pages on social media 
  • Volunteer in your local community 
  • Invite your work colleagues to do an activity outside of work 

We love the work we do because we love people. And when you bring people together, some brilliant things can happen. Spreading community spirit is like magic, and the more you do, the more you receive. 

If you are reading this and thinking ‘I need more of that!’, then we hope some of our advise spurs you on to get out there and start connecting. And of course, the doors to our community are always open. If you like the look of the work we do and want to know more, get in touch with Sarah at sarah@fallintoplace.co.uk. Let’s have a chat! 

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