Pens to Pals Project

An intergenerational project for your school

Connections within the community

Fall Into Place have undertaken many community projects to enrich the lives of young and older people.

The most recent being the ‘pens to pals’ project that involves connecting older and young people through letter.

Intergenerational project

We offer the opportunity for school children to write letters to people in care homes; these are then vetted by the Fall into Place team before being sent to their destination. 

We then facilitate a meet up where the children come to the care home to meet their pen pals and create a joint project together.

A positive experience for all involved in the project!

This project has been running since September 2019 and has proved to be a positive experience for all involved.

This project helps to combat loneliness, improve children’s writing skills and bring new connections to participants.


Bringing pens to pals to your school

Fall Into Place is responsible for managing all pens to pals projects which involves liaising with external partners, vetting letters and arranging meetings. We have been working in Seacroft for the past year and have strong links with the schools and organisations in and around the area.

Please get in touch to discuss setting up a pens to pals project for your pupils.

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