What is a mindful drama workshop like?

What is a skills building workshop like?

What is a community drama performance like?

Creative Wellbeing workshop feedback

“I felt really relaxed and uplifted after both days. It made me laugh and look at things with a new perspective. It definitely pumped up my feel good endorphins!” – Yorkshire Brain Tumour Charity Creative Wellbeing attendee

“Feel incredibly positive, really lifted by the experience. Thank you”.  – Creative wellbeing workshop attendee

“I’ve just done your creative wellbeing workshop and thought it was excellent!  Thoroughly enjoyed it and feel quite energised for my afternoon ahead!” – Creative workshop attendee, Victim Support

“I realised that my tiredness gets in the way of connecting with others.  This has helped me to become re-energised.  Thank you” – Creative wellbeing workshop attendee

“Thanks for such a great session, we all really enjoyed it and will be definitely using some of these great ideas moving forward.” Street Games Creative Wellbeing Workshop attendee







Creative Meets Care Homes feedback

It’s been very enjoyable we’d love to have them come again” – Care home resident

“I’m so glad you’ve come, I don’t usually talk to anyone and just fall asleep in the day. Music like this is so lovely!” – Care home resident

“I thought it was a hired singer at first, then when I saw it was a friendly community thing, I came to join in’ – Care home resident

“The participant was non verbal, and as they were leaving she looked Sarah in the eye, took her hands and smiled broadly for a few minutes. Sarah felt as though the lady was sharing her joy at being in the session.” Sarah, facilitator

Fall into Place delivered a lovely session and it was enjoyed by the whole group. It was  clear from the smiles on their faces. It was pitched at the right level and included everyone.” – Sarah Waldron, Leeds City Council Council

Public speaking feedback

“It was great! An opportunity to really take a look at my presentation style of where I can improve.” Public speaking workshop attendee

“Very good, relaxed and safe environment for practising. Very knowledgeable and useful information and tips throughout.” – Public speaking workshop attendee

“I wanted to let you know that I used virtually every technique you recommended. I know that it made a huge difference to how I prepared and delivered on the night and undoubtedly helped with my win. Thank you.” – Councillor Louisa Cunningham

“Excellent! Really boosted my confidence – more than any confidence building course!” -Public speaking workshop attendee

“Excellent – good mixture of practical, practise, feedback” – Public speaking workshop attendee

“Excellent and engaging, you know how to help people to feel at ease” – Public speaking workshop attendee

Creative Voices group feedback

Creative Voices is a project and a movement that focuses on improving the lives of the elderly LGBTQIA plus individuals in Leeds through creativity. This movement is co-produced by members of the older LGBTQIA plus community and Minoti Parikh, an independent Creative artist based in Leeds. If you would like to find out more about the group then please get in touch with minoti@tplexperiences.com


Feedback from members:

“It has given me a sense of belonging”

“It’s not only healed my feet, my mind is better”

“What a lovely and joyful experience the last few months have been!”

“I feel I am a more confident person and it has brought such laughter into my life”

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