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You have the opportunity to choose our projects, vote for what we do next!

It could be something that you’re passionate about, something for your community or something you just like the sound of. Have you ever wanted to start up your own group but need a little help? Get involved and have your say in what we do within YOUR community.

Or would you like to learn some new skills and build your confidence?

We plan to run a range of workshops helping to build self confidence, including: public speaking with confidence, interview skills, how to run your own community group, self confidence tips, learning how to build emotional resilience, as well as finding your passion and strengths.

Peer Support Group

We will also run fortnightly peer support groups where individuals can take some time to have a breather, share useful tips they have learnt and meet new people in their community.

Here at Fall into Place, we beleive every person is capable of achieving amazing things – we just need to come together to make them happen!

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