Secondary, FE & HE Workshops

Young people should feel confident and able to achieve their dreams.

Many of us here at Fall into Place know that drama and public speaking opportunities have shaped who we are today.

Having someone provide a safe space for you to explore and push yourself to grow is essential.

We run workshops in:

Public speaking and presentation skills.
Interview and networking skills.
Mindfulness and wellbeing on social media.
Consent, boundaries and assertive skills.
Drama for change (skills workshops to present an issue that matters to your young people (e.g. healthy body image).


Bringing skills to your young people

External workshops are a great way to keep learners engaged while teaching. We are able to pass on vital knowledge to students, allowing them to build life skills that will help them throughout their personal and professional lives. 

Each workshop lasts between 2 – 3 hours, or we can run a six week project depending on your needs and availability.

We understand every person is different so all our workshops are tailored to suit your students needs. Our workshops are available for educational settings across Yorkshire.

Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

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