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Drama workshops for the community

Drama workshops are a fantastic way to build your community group’s confidence, form strong friendships, learn new skills and have a lot of fun!

We offer six to eight week drama sessions that are tailored to suit your group and what they’d most enjoy. We can cover:

Drama games and exercises

Script work


Issued based theatre (exploring an issue using drama).

There is also the option to have a small, friendly, ‘sharing back’ performance at the end of the workshops, open to the wider community to attend. This performance can be tailored to suit the group.

Collaboration in a safe space

We know that participating in drama can be daunting for some people. We work very hard to create a safe, friendly environment where people of ranging accessibility needs and comfort levels can feel safe to participate. 

We carefully plan our sessions to gradually build participant’s confidence and connection, and give power to the participants by letting them decide the exercises they would like to try.

We also hold a consultation with the community group leader in advance, to ensure we know of any accessibility needs, any potential triggers and group preferences to ensure the experience of drama is as enjoyable as possible.

Carers Leeds Project

 In 2018 we ran a 6 week project with Carers Leeds to support carers with their mental wellbeing.

The Carers who attended came from a range of ages and backgrounds. The group were interested in having fun and having space and time to switch off from being a carer. Initially several participants stated they felt nervous and weren’t sure about coming.

Over the six weeks, the carers chose to explore improvisation, script work and site specific theatre. The group created their own performance which was recorded as a radio drama.

By the end, the group had grown very close, and stated they did not want the workshops to end. Several stated they hadn’t laughed so much in a long time, and it was lovely to focus on something that was ‘just for them’.

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  We can support your organisation on a specific project or run weekly/monthly classes to improve mental health, build confidence and break down barriers.

We have worked with a wide range of community groups across Yorkshire. We are an age friendly and child friendly organisation, and take pride in bringing people of different ages and backgrounds together.

We’d love to hear from you any time. We are also open to supporting or partnering on grant bids in order to provide free drama projects for your community group.

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