“You can’t use up creativity. The more you use, the more you have.”
Maya Angelou

Creativity is a great way to boost your wellbeing. Unlike other work goals, it’s not about finishing a task or getting through a to-do list. It’s about enjoying the moment. Even 10 minutes can be enough to boost your mood.

We’ve outlined 5 short and simple activities to boost your creativity during lockdown, we hope you enjoy them!


1. Draw shapes to your favourite song

This is a gentle, simple exercise that can help you to unwind after a hectic day. Put on a song you love. Now, without judgement or agenda, start to draw. You can use coloured pens or just a pencil. If you have a bit longer, use watercolours. My own favourite painting is on my desk, created whilst listening to ‘Fields of Gold’, Eva Cassidy.


2. Create a story from random words




For those who enjoy a spot of creative writing, try this as a mindful activity, or a warm up to writing your own story. Write down 8 interesting words on 8 little pieces of paper. Now fold them up and put them into a bowl. Pick out a word and start writing a little story that includes that word. Keep choosing new words and adding them to the mix, and wrap up your story with the eighth and final word. This is a great exercise to open up our minds when new things are thrown at us, and think creatively.

3. Create a nature mandala

This is a great way to make your walks more mindful. A mandala is a geometric shape. If you’re out on a walk, gather some leaves and twigs and make your own special shape. If you have worries on your mind, imagine transferring them into the leaves. Then watch them blow away on the breeze, or simply walk away and leave them behind for the rest of your walk.


4. Move to your values


 This activity is great for starting the day on a positive note. Think about how you want to be during the day. Do you want to be calm? Assertive? Kind? Powerful? Now put on some gentle music and think about your intention. Let your body start to find a movement that symbolizes that feeling for you. It could be crouching down like a lion or slowly moving your hand into a ‘stop’ sign if you want to set boundaries with others. Don’t force it, just let the movement come. When you find a movement you like, repeat it several times.


5. Leave a secret wish

Have you ever come across a smiley face drawn in the sand on a beach? Secret well wishes make other people smile. So why not leave a secret well wish for others, either in your house, office or on a walk? You could use twigs to spell out a nice message or leave a post it note with a funny face on it somewhere a colleague or housemate will find it. Secret messages are so exciting to receive, and you can enjoy the feel good endorphins of giving joy to someone else.

I hope these 5 activities have been useful to you. Please do share with us how you get on with your activity, we love to see photos! @Fall_into_Place If you’d like to learn more about our team building and mindful skills workshops, please visit our Training and Events page.

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