Play Box

There is a big orange shipping container in the middle of Rein Park called Playbox 003

Children are encouraged to take part in a wide variety of different activities including sports, games, arts and crafts and problem-solving challenges on their way home from school.

Play box is an opportunity for you to have fun and be creative outside of school hours.

It’s a safe space to explore new ideas, make friends and be imaginative. Play box was created in 2018 and has seen many people pass through its doors. It’s a welcome addition to the surrounding community and an opportunity for children to develop further skills outside of school and home.

COVID-19 has made it impossible for the Playbox to run at the moment so instead we have been sending out Mini Playboxes

We wanted an offer to families to support them remotely and help them engage their children in positive activities. We also wanted to show that their community was still here and caring for each other in this uncertain time. The Mini Playbox was a way to provide both these things in an exciting and engaging way.

With LS14 Trust, Playful Anywhere and Seagulls Paint we have managed to send 2500 playboxes out across Leeds during lockdown.

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