Public Speaking

Gaining confidence in a friendly setting.

Every person has valuable contributions to make, but not every person has the confidence to speak out.

Our public speaking workshop (full or half day) uses innovative drama techniques to train your team to become captivating speakers to crowds of any size. Speaking effectively is not a natural talent you have or you don’t – it’s a skill that can be learnt and refined. Every person can bring their own unique style and personality to become an excellent public speaker.

Gaining confidence in a friendly setting.

We pride ourselves in creating a supportive, friendly atmosphere where your team can feel comfortable to gain confidence and learn new skills. Whether it is speaking at events, meetings or delivering presentations we will equip you and your team with the skills to speak out with confidence and clarity.

We support teams to reflect on the whole process.

From writing a speech to delivery tips to see that speaking well comes from good preparation, technique and a growth mindset.

Bringing public speaking skills to your team.

We tailor our workshops based on your team’s needs. Our workshops are available for businesses across Yorkshire.

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