PSHE Drama Workshops

Using Creativity to Teach Emotional Resilience and Mindfulness

We believe that children and young people need good mental health in order to thrive.

Mental health is as important as physical health for a child’s development. Practising good mindful techniques from a young age builds the way for a resilient, positive and healthy adulthood. Drama is a great tool to teach your pupils about mental health and support them to practise mindful techniques in a fun and memorable way.

Positive Thinking Superheroes

In our super hero training pupils learn and practise positive thinking techniques in order to fight against the villains that live inside their heads. Once they have confronted characters such as the Crushing Cobra and Exploding Ogre they will have the honour of becoming an official Positive Thinking Superhero!

Social Media & Emotional Resilience.

This workshop explore the importance of emotional resilience and the impact of overusing social media. Younger children are engaged through a short performance, based around a young girl posting a video online. For older students we use discussion, group work and students led performances based on their own experiences.

Fall into Place delivered some fabulous bespoke workshops that were crafted to meet the needs of our children. Their creative energy filled our school and the children were left with real strategies to use to improve their ability to deal with the challenges of life. What really impressed us was the flexibility shown and the willingness to adapt quickly to really hit the spot! Thank you

– Castleton Primary

Bringing PSHE drama workshops to your school.

The workshops can be between 1 to 2 hours depending on numbers. We understand every child is different so all our workshops are tailored to suit your pupil’s needs. Our workshops are available for schools across Yorkshire.

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