“Even a small reduction can have a big environmental impact.”

Can’t vow to go vegan? You don’t have to.

At the age of 26, I gave up eating meat for Lent.
My main reasons at the time were animal welfare and the positive effect on the planet. I found that I didn’t miss meat too much so I thought I’d carry it on after Lent. Over the years since then, I’ve gone full vegan (not eating any animal products) and pescatarian (eating seafood) and I’ve now settled on a compromise. 


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One day a week, one step at a time

I am a vegetarian who eats one meal of fish a week and has one day fully vegan. Sounds contradictory? Well that’s because it is. But I’m not claiming to be dyed in the wool vegan (if you’ll excuse the term). I admire people that are, it takes a lot of will power and has a hugely positive impact on the environment to give up meat entirely. But it is not for everyone.

Hopes for the future

The good news is – not everything needs to be a binary choice. We can reduce how much meat, dairy and eggs we eat without taking a vow to go vegan. And even a small reduction can have a big environmental impact.

Stay tuned to hear how my vegan meals get on, and do share your favourite recipes too!

This blog was written by Sven Shaw – Freelance Graphic Designer working with Fall into Place

Do you have a delicious meat/diary free recipe? Let us know!  @Fall_into_Place  or  sarah@fallintoplace.co.uk. Let’s do this! 

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