inspire, spark change, entertain

We believe live performance is more memorable than powerpoint

Storytelling captivates people. That’s why we create bespoke short performances for larger teams. Our performances can be a starting point for sparking action, sharing reports, constructive problem solving, or as memorable entertainment at your Christmas party!

Performances to spark debate.

We create bespoke performances for events and conferences to explore key issues. We have created short performances centred around sexism in the workplace, communicating with patients and women’s empowerment. Whether it’s a conference, event or AGM, we can make your event engaging, interactive and productive with audience engagement, opinion and interaction worked into our performances. 

Entertain and break the ice

Drama is a fantastic tool to get people talking and laughing! If you need an icebreaker for your event, we can provide fun, interactive and playful activities designed to get people open, relaxed and talking with confidence. Icebreakers can last anywhere between 10 and 30 minutes.

We also provide short, comedic performances to liven up Christmas parties, conferences or team building days. These short performances are bespoke to suit your team, and provide maximum entertainment! For more information on our full team building program, please visit our Team Building page.

Bringing live performance to your event.

We tailor our performances based on your needs. Our performances and icebreakers are available for organisations across Yorkshire.

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