“I have learnt that you are never too small to make a difference.” – Greta Thunberg

Climate change is scary. And when I’m scared, I tend to hide behind my sofa, sipping tea, hoping it will all blow over. But I know that plan isn’t going to help me much here.

Now I recently had a baby girl, and since then my fear for our lovely planet’s future (and my baby’s) has scaled up. Of course, it’s not all down to me, the governments all across the world must do their bit. But one person is a good start.

Do something positive, and have fun doing it

And when I started talking to others, I realised our amazing team of volunteers and FIP supporters want to support, share and get involved too. And we decided, no more frozen fear! Let’s do something positive, and let’s have fun while doing it.

So we have decided to set 50 small challenges to become more environmentally friendly. And we decided to make it public, to make sure we ACTUALLY do it and don’t just sit around eating custard creams (though full disclosure I might still do that now and again). Our hope is to make new habits little by little, until suddenly we are living a lot more sustainably.


Sending eco echoes round the world (or Yorkshire at least!)

Now we know forming new habits is hard. We tend to do stuff that’s easy as humans, and being more sustainable is not always the easiest route. So we will be honest about how it’s going, and hope you will all encourage us to keep going when we’re trudging miserably in the rain or missing the bus. 

We also know there are some very wise folk out there – so if you see us doing something that we could do better or easier, please do let us know. We love to learn.

Finally, the fun part. We love fun at Fall into Place. So how can we make this fun? By involving cute babies/animals/cuddly toys/plants of course. So we will, wherever possible, get photobombing cuties in the mix. Like this lovely chap. Aww.

We warmly invite everyone to join us / share great stuff they are doing / tell us we’re doing it wrong / share adorable pictures of babies / dogs / cats / plants, so we can hopefully inspire each other to make new habits and feel good about it. Let’s send eco echoes round the world. (See what we did there? It’s come full circle).

Are you doing great stuff? Let us know!  @Fall_into_Place  or  sarah@fallintoplace.co.uk. Let’s do this! 

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